Wicker Counter Stools: Production & Its Effects to Environment

The production of wicker counter stools needs time, cost and effort. Although this is normal for any furniture production where it involves lots of factors but for wicker counter stool it requires more. What make me to say this? The proof is most of these stools are handcrafted and this need to be done by artisan. The manufacturer needs to pay the cost of hiring these artisans in order to produce patterned wicker rattan counter stools. Unless the stool was designed in simple, then it might not cost many as many parts of the stool can be done by the machine. By the way consumer still loves handmade wicker counter height bar stools as for them only the handcrafted stool is able to bring up the atmosphere of their bar or bistro. In fact this is the main purpose they are looking for wicker stools, not others like wooden stools or iron stools.

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“Consumer willing to pay for the cost of weaving”, this is the comment from furniture producer where they always get themselves ready to produce handmade stool to fit the demand. “The demand on handcrafted stool is as raising as the pop tart”, this is the second reviews from another furniture merchants. Consumer started to be choosy on the construct of the stool. According to them the consumer perceived handmade stool as “quality stool” compares to those finished by machine. Although the latest skills and technology has ensured the quality of furniture will be retaining somehow consumer still switching their head to the handmade furniture. This contributes second chances for furniture artisan where they thought their profession has been taken over by machine several decades ago. Somehow this is a great trend which every one of us should be exciting where it helps to protect our environment and earth. Less waste and harmful chemicals from factories and it decreases the damage to the soil and water source.

Possibly we should talk something specific on the stools, but not more on its production. By the way this post is aid to convey the message to the public where furniture production will absolutely affect the earth, under certain circumstances and levels. The point is we should always think a way to stop the harmful tragedy keep going on. This is very challenging where furniture sector is one of the major sectors that contribute to economy of a country. Maybe the handmade wicker counter stools will decrease the amount of wicker destroyed from the land and this is something I think we should give a token.

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