The Timeless Beauty of Rattan Hanging Chair

Rattan hanging chairs can firmly be hanged indoor and outdoor so it will sway gently as you relax in the seat. Hanging rattan chairs are woven from the fibrous stems of palm leaves. Some variations are designed to be hung from rigid metal stands or ceilings so they are able to swing and swivel freely. Most rattan chair owners add soft pillows to add comfort to the chair. You can accent your home by installing a relaxing and stylish rattan hanging chair.

You can create a comfortable outdoor living space with the outdoor rattan hanging chair. This outdoor furniture features a light grey colour and durable construction that will compliment any home exterior décor. Rattan is mainly sourced from the far east-Asian countries such as the Philippines and Malaysia. It is cheap because it is very easy to harvest as it requires simple tools. It is also very easy to transport as it can be stacked together and atop one another in relatively smaller cargo trucks. Processing rattan is also very simple as it only requires a simple peeling of the skin of the strand to expose the core.

Rattan hanging chair oozes timeless beauty with its intricate weaving details that definitely catches the attention of every homeowner who has an eye for detail and uniqueness. In fact it caters to all types of preferences and personal tastes. When you are in the mood to enjoy coffee or tea time with loved ones or friends, your exquisite and fantastic collection of outdoor furniture will definitely make those times fun and memorable. Create an outdoor living room where you can entertain guests or even enjoy a luxurious meal right in your own garden. It is a perfect match to your summer barbecue party or just brunches with your loved ones.

There are a lot of rattan hanging chair suppliers are supplying these beautiful furniture contingent to your taste and styles. The beauty of rattan hanging chair is that it is practically maintenance free. The tightly woven fibers are surprisingly strong and require only a light dusting, vacuuming, or wipe with a soft cloth. Sturdy pieces have been known to last for decades without significant signs of wear and tear. Quality furnishings are also relatively light weight compared to solid wood units; and can be easily transported from porch to patio or near the pool. While woven fibers originate from tropical palms which can withstand water, furnishings are not as weather-resistant. Pieces should not be immersed in water or expected to endure constant or frequent downpours. Most furnishings fare well on a covered porch or patio out of direct sunlight. Rattan tends to fade in direct sun, while bamboo, usually kept in its natural state, is more resistant to heat and water. They can be purchased at retail stores, boutiques, and import markets, individual buyers may also shop online.

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