Jewelers Bench Chair

If you take a tour to any jewelry making factory, you will find jewelers bench chair. The chair is needed for jewelry artisan who called as jewelers to do their work. Basically the chair looks as good as any office chair. They contained leatherette chair pad for seating place and back support. Then both chairs also equipped with steel chair legs and with casters or wheels. Same as office chairs, the jeweler bench chairs also height-adjustable as well as having all ergonomic features. However there were some differences between these chairs with normal office chairs.

The jewelers’ feedback they required for super ergonomic features of the chair right beyond other requirements. This is due to the nature of job where most of them need to spend long hours to finish their job. Furthermore their job needs extra precision and identification in order for not making any mistake. Some of them work more than 12 hours a day on the chair just to get the jewelries done. Therefore adjustable and flexible feature is required for the chair to ensure they meet their work standard. This is also the reason why Jewelry Company is willing to spend on these chairs just to get quality production. The chair served as powerful tool to improve productivity and to reduce fatigue that possible happen between jewelers. As such jewelers bench chair is playing vital role for contributing jewelries in the market. Take a look at below one popular jewelers benches chair that received great responses from market. The chair is offering great features that others do not have.

Sitmatic Deluxe Black Jewelers Bench Chair

This chair designed and constructed specifically to jewelers, to support their daily job. In another word the jeweler is unable to perform their duty without the presence of these chairs. The chair is having all kinds of flexible features like forward, backward, pitch down etc. Moreover you can adjust its back height position too. The chair is super user-friendly whereby it is automated by one-touch control. The chair is developed of special material which makes you feel comfort and cozy although spending whole day on the chair. The chair pad is breathable and come with good air ventilation. As such you will not feel heat and not comfortable when working more than 8 hours a day on this chair. The chair back is supported by sturdy lumber and it sustainable to most body weight. As for your kind acknowledgement the chair is designed in Italy and produce in US. Additional feature for this chair is they are dust-resistant. Thereby lesser cleaning job is needed on them.

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