The Comfort and Coziness a Chair and a Half Provides

Chairs have been a part of our lives. They have been providing us comfort and ease from then ‘till now. I cannot imagine a life without chairs. Perhaps they are designed and created in different styles, but still the main purpose and usage is always considered to be seated by a person or group of people.

Typically when we say chair, it is only for the use of one person, however, when more than one person, it is considered a coach, sofa, bench or loveseat. But there is so called a chair and a half. We may wonder what its difference on a typical chair. What does it look like? Well, sometimes we mistakenly identify it into a common chair but a chair and a half can be seated by two persons. It is bigger than a common chair but smaller than a loveseat.

A chair and a half is best suited and usually can be seen in the master suite. Modern house designs have master suites, a great escape for relaxation and romance. Choosing the right furniture especially the seating choices is very much to consider in creating a modish master suite.

The chair always gives you a comfortable place to sit. Contemporary designs produce different styles and designs of this chair. It is made of different kind of materials intended for every person’s taste. Some are made of wood, cloth and synthetic materials while others are made of leather. For those who love good quality chair, a leather chair and a half is best suited. The material is known to have durable quality provided it is genuine. So when purchasing this type of chair, always checks the brand and the label to ensure you have a genuine product.

While it gives comfort, the best function of chair and a half is it provides a place to cuddle and be cuddle with your love one while enjoying the warmth of a fire on your fireplace or watching movie. Sofas and loveseat are often too big to fit in a master suite and not applicable for small spaces. So whether you have huge or small space, this chair can really add up the elegance and grace of your suite.

One of the modern designs of the chair is a chair and a half recliner, which is always provide a supreme comfort. With the recliner attached on the chair, you can stretch your legs and lie down you back while reading your favorite books or watching or favorite TV show.

Also, a chair and a half with ottoman provides a great coziness. With an ottoman, you can put your feet up when you want to relax. It can be used as coffee table also; you can place your coffee in an ottoman or it can be used for stretch out.

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To make the chair lasts try to cover with chair and a half slipcover. It helps protect the chair from moist, dust and dirt. It is replaceable that you can change it when it is thorn or you want to have another color or design. No need to buy a new chair. It is more practical and convenient. With different types of styles and colors to choose it will surely match your favorite chair.

You’ll find a wide range of chair and a half in any furniture shops or online stores. Traditional, modern, casual or formal, these styles are available in the market to fit your style.

(picture courtesy of VIOSKI)

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    Hi, where is the picture of the blue chair from? I’d love to purchase!

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    Hi Cindy,

    You can get the chair from VIOSKI.

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