Brno Round Chair by Mies Van Der Rohe

If you are looking for a round chair, then this beautiful round table and chairs should come into your consideration. As far as concern, this is a luxury and favorite chair piece for offices and homes. Thus they are also the classic chair piece that is made from 100% Italian leather. Compares to other round chair like round swivel chair and round wicker chair, they are much more expensive. As far as concern, this contemporary masterpiece is perfect for both residential and office use. The Italian leather we use on this piece is ultra supple high end material manufactured in Europe by the Mastrotto Group.

This top grain leather served as the round chair cushions for this round chair. The round chair is aniline dyed and turned in drums to soften it. Then, a finish coat is added to protect the hide against stains and fading of these round chairs. Moreover the top grain leather of the round chair has a fine and supple hand. The construct and making is based on the feel that it is an excellent combination of softness, durability, consistency of color, resistance to sunlight, and ease of maintenance. Likewise, the round chair received great appraise and recognition from all over. The chair is a true leather Brno round chair with an armrest, made of stainless steel that is highly polished to a chromed finish. Thus the Brno round Chair is a sophisticated collector’s piece with the presence of sculpture and is fabricated of weighty thick-plated steel. The Brno round chair is both a superb and timeless architectural statement.

Like I mentioned earlier, all of Brno chairs inclusive of round chairs are made of 100% Italian leather. They are exclusively manufactured in Italy, by the Mastrotto Group. This ground is based in Arzignano (Vicenza, Italy). One thing to highlight here is the Mastrotto Group is the gold standard for world wide hide production and one of the most important global sources for the creation of upholstery, furniture, and leather goods. Thus they are the exclusive source for all of the leather used in Mercedes Benz and BMW automobiles.

In terms of making your room looks elegant and classy, you should take this round chair piece. The chair is offering unlimited comfort and qualities that none of other round table and chairs can compete with. The round chair cushion itself is made from top quality leather which other round chairs could not offer. As such, it is always a worth investment of getting this round chair unit to your new home or offices.

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