Bentwood Chairs From then Till Now

When we enter restaurants or bars, we usually see gorgeous chairs; those chairs are none other called than bentwood chairs. Normally made of wood and we know by first seen that they are made and designed by masterful hands. When we say bentwood chairs, we usually associated it with Michael Thonet, the designer of those remarkable chairs. The chairs are originally named as No. 14 chair, also known as bistro chair. Thonet bentwood chairs are first created in 19th century. They’ve used steam bent technology for bending of wood that required years to perfect. Resembles to its name, the chair have precise crafted bending wood design on its back and arm.

Because of their wonderful designs and affordable price, the chairs were the bestselling chairs and sold over 50 million between 1860 and 1930. The original design of bentwood chairs are made of 6 pieces of steam bent wood, 10 screws and 2 knots. They are often made of woven cane or palm because the holes in the seat would let dropped liquid off the chair.

Later in 2009, the chair was redesigned by an English designer James Irvie and retailed from the Japanese company, Muji. The aim of this design was to help 18- 35 years old enter the Thonet brand world.

Bentwood chairs always denotes vintage, classic designs that have been embraced by people from the first they were made till now. They have a variety of designs that can complement in any restaurants styles and architecture. However, the chair is not only for restaurant or bistro, although was designed for them. But anyone can own that chair. Anyone, even he or she doesn’t own a restaurant. She or he can place it in any area of her/his house she/he wants. The chairs can be place on your dining area, as partner of your dining table. You can also put it inside your bedroom as a side chair, also in your living room or even in your porch. Other people love to take their meals outdoors, outside their house, in their garden. Thus, the chair can be placed outdoor. You can enjoy sitting on while having your breakfast or just enjoying the beauty of nature.

Bentwood chairs for sale are available at furniture shops, and stores. For those antique lovers, bentwood chairs antique are available in some furniture antique stores. Still, they have wonderful classic curved back and arm designs, as their well-known signature. Online furniture stores, also offer these magnificent designed chairs. It’s time to leave your antique style round chair and try this out.

Even in our modern era and many people purchase steel or plastic chairs, antique bentwood chairs are still desired by the most. The design yet simple but it creates a great impact in any room you place. Even modern houses or offices, restaurants or bistro, this chair still blend in contemporary architectures.

Nowadays, Thonet Company still produces No. 14 chairs that today known as 214. Aside on single typical chairs they have also developed chairs for two or sometimes called loveseat or bench.

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