Antique Chair – Styles & Value

Why Antique Chair? The chair is needed for completing a decor, antique room decor, indeed. The chair is offered in various styles, historic values as well as sizes. You might wan to own one after knowing the story behind the chair. However people usually look at two factors before buying this furniture item, which is style and historical value of the chair.

The antique Chair styles are distinctive from one to another. For more and not least the style of the chair is affected by the history of a country. For example the antique Chair with dragon heads is found in China during Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Dragon is a fortune sign for Chinese therefore has been included to the design of furniture. The chair is the special seat for king, others cannot have it. In compares with that the Victorian style of antique chair found in France is the distinctive seat for royal family. The chair is found only in royal or rich family. The design of the chair is absolutely sophisticated from the chair back, armrest, body to the leg. Each part comprised of the detail work of the artisan, indeed. The chair is also enhanced with quality fabric which last for centuries. These types of antique chairs are popular nowadays for shabby chic interior designing. What about the metal chair? There are nice and unique butterfly shape chair in antique style which just only discover by the antique collectors. These pieces were principally placed outdoor however later on has been converted to indoor furniture.

How to justify the value of a specific piece of antique Chair? For sure the value of the chair is diverse from one to another. Thus the value of the chair is determined by its historic content. For example the chair that stays more than 100 years definitely is valuable than the one only stands for 10-20 years. Who will justify the value of these furniture items? There are the professional out there who gets this job done for you. These professionals might be the fulltime historian or those who are having strong interest in collecting the antiques. These people will investigate, search and rectify the accurate construction year of the chair as well as its usages during that period. Therefore most antique Chair comes with birth certificate which initiated its birthday, years of construct, measurement, usages as well as the expected expiration. Some chairs are having fly-sky value, indeed six or seven digit. For example the chair found during Napoleon kingdom has been offered more than million and there are buyers who bid for it.

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